Empower 2012 Begins

Following our camp for students in 6th-12th grade, Camp Overflow, we took 52 students and adults on the streets with an organized outreach to kick off our Empower 2012 week. Because of having 100 people at camp, everything took longer than expected, so by the time we were ready to go out, we really only had 45 minutes to minister in the various neighborhoods where God led us. By the time all of our teams had gathered back for dinner, we led 155 people to Jesus!
I was with Brian and Jay and we had tremendous testimonies! At one point, Brian (11 yrs) saw a large group of people on the basketball court and was immediately wanting to go minister to them. You see, at camp, Brian received the Holy Spirit and was empowered to be a witness (Acts 1:8). I told him to let me run grab the cooler full of water and we'd head over there. Jay was off getting another guy saved while Brian and I started wheeling the cooler to the court. Brian shouted, "Come get some FREE WATER!" It was like we had fish food! They all came over and grabbed a bottle. I presented the gospel and Brian led 16 young men and women in the prayer of salvation. After he got done praying, he said, "Now, who needs healing in their body?"

One guy perked up and said he had just twisted his ankle playing ball. I shared with him from our blue Miracle Working script and then Brian laid hands on him and commanded the pain to go! He said it was a little better but after we ministered to him once more, he said, "I'm straight now!"

I believe Brian is a shining example of Acts 1:8 and what happens when the Holy Spirit empowers believers! He said he would have never done that before camp!

This is just one of many miraculous stories that God did in just 45 minutes! What can He do if you give Him something to work with?