.shockwave challenge - day 72

We had our annual Trunk or Treat at church tonight and so many people worked together to create an environment where lives could be changed. As a result of people doing trunks, donating candy, running concessions, getting people registered, doing security, hosting, praying, playing music, doing sets and lights and acting for the gospel hayride, and setting up and tearing down, thirty-nine people called upon the name of Jesus to be saved.

I actually did my shockwave challenge during the event as well. I saw a woman with a cane and was drawn to talk to her and her family. I introduced myself and talked to them about the event for a moment and asked if they had ridden the hayride. They hadn't and were actually about to leave because of the cold weather. I asked what happened to her leg and found out she was injured during her military service and it affected her gait. I asked if I could pray for her. She agreed and I told her to expect a difference after we prayed. She wasn't in any pain, so I told her to continue acting in faith. I asked her and her husband the million dollar question and neither of them knew for sure that they would go to heaven. I shared the gospel with them and asked if they believed that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave. The husband did but the wife had some doubts. She didn't understand why God would punish His son like that. I shared with her further how Jesus was the perfect sacrifice because he hadn't sinned and he willingly took on the punishment in order to save us...much like a soldier sacrifices him or herself to save others. She understood more then and I prayed with both of them to be saved.

I'm so thankful for all the people who helped with the Trunk or Treat and did their part to see lives changed. What about you? Are you doing your part? Share the gospel with someone today and make a difference in someone's life!


.shockwave challenge - day 71

We took Karis to a Trunk or Treat at another church tonight and while we were in line, I saw a large group of people sitting on the curb. I walked over to them and invited them to our event tomorrow night. I offered to pray with them and then asked the million dollar question. A number of them were unsure about their eternal destination, so I shared the gospel and prayed with 6 of them to be saved. Before we prayed, I looked down and saw one lady had a brace on her foot.
I told her we would take care of that in a moment. After we said amen, I shared the truth about healing with her and prayed for her foot because she had broken two of her toes. I grabbed her by the hand and pulled her onto her feet and told her to walk in the name of Jesus. She did and said it was much better. I commanded the pain to go again and told her to stomp her foot. When she did, she was completely healed.

She told me she recognized me and asked if I had been to River Glen. I told her I had and she said she remembered me praying for her mother who had lung cancer and she was healed. I asked how she was doing and she said, "Oh, she's fine! She's in the line gettin' candy!" I laughed and said I would go find her. When i tracked her down, she told me she was feeling great and the cancer had been gone since I prayed for her. She told me she was exercising every day and felt awesome. I hugged her and told her how great it was to hear what God had been doing in her body.

What about you? Have you ever seen someone with crutches or a brace and felt like you should pray for them, but didn't? What's holding you back? You have just the thing they need. Read John 14:12 and Mark 16:18 and start doing what you were meant to do! Do it with fearless confidence!


.shokwave challenge - day 70

Today marks 10 weeks of the shockwave challenge. I went to the library with Karis and on the way out, I saw a gentleman sitting on a bench. I approached him and invited him to church. I offered to pray with him and then asked the big money question. He said he thought he'd go to heaven because he was living right. So many people have this mindset!

He then told me he read his Bible and prayed as well. I had a feeling that he might have already accepted Christ as his savior, but I asked to make sure. I told him that Jesus is the way to heaven and it's got nothing to do with his right living. He can live right without Jesus and still die and go to hell. But Jesus is the only one who lived a perfect life and took our punishment on himself so we would have a way into heaven.

Have you taken the challenge yet? Go out and share the gospel with at least one person a day and watch what God can do through you! Happy shockwaving!


.shockwave challenge - day 69

I stopped by Wal-Mart this afternoon with the express purpose of completing my shockwave challenge. I walked around for a bit and then saw a couple of guys checking out the posters. They were both wearing funky halloween wigs, so I just started a conversation about that. After a couple of minutes, I whipped out some invitation cards and offered to pray for them. They declined and then I asked the million dollar question. They both said they thought they would go to heaven because they prayed and repented for their sins. I investigated further into what they understood that to mean. After sharing the gospel with them, I learned that they had already accepted Christ and so I told them they should be completely sure, not just kind of sure. I told them they would be completely welcome at our church and they should wear their wigs when they come!

How about you go out on purpose to share the gospel today! You can do it!


.shockwave challenge - day 68

At work today, I overheard Rhonda (our administrative assistant) do the shockwave challenge. God totally set her up when a lady came in from the street to use the phone. She had just moved into town and didn't have a home phone and needed to make some important calls. After she used the phone, Rhonda started the shockwave! After a few minutes, she led her in the prayer of salvation. I was elated just to be eavesdropping on her evangelism explosion! Way to go, Rhonda!

Tonight, we went to the park so Karis could play for a little while. When we got there, we saw two guys sitting on a bench. I walked up to them and invited them to church.

I told them a little about the church and then I asked them if they needed prayer for anything. After they said no, I asked them the million dollar question. They both thought they should go to heaven because they hadn't done anything too wrong. I shared the gospel with them and told them that Jesus is the only way and we can't get to heaven based on our good deeds. They told me they believed in Jesus and the resurrection but had never said the prayer. I led them in the prayer of salvation and they both called upon the name of Jesus and were saved.

No matter where you are today, someone needs to hear the good news. Why don't you share Jesus with them? If you don't, who will?


.shockwave challenge - day 67

I talked briefly with the copier technician today about his relationship with God, but that didn't count as my challenge for today because I didn't get to ask him the question, he volunteered the info that he was saved because we were at the church talking ABOUT church.

I didn't see anybody else today, so we went out to eat after church and I asked the cashier the million dollar question after she took our order. She immediately told us she had accepted Christ when she was 9 years old and that she was a preacher's kid.

Make a commitment that you won't let your head hit the pillow until you've shared the gospel with someone today!


.shockwave challenge - day 66

The pest control guy came to the church today to do the usual treatment.  After he did his job, I asked him if he needed prayer for anything.  He told me about his family and how his grandmother had passed away a month ago and they could use some prayer for that.  I offered my condolences and shared a little about God's comfort and peace.  Then I asked if he knew for sure he would go to heaven when he died.  He said he believed he would and I asked him why.  He told me he was a pretty good person and even though he had made some mistakes when he was younger, he's gotten his life straightened out since he has become a father.  I acknowledged how noble that was and I shared with him what the Bible had to say about how to get to heaven.  I told him that no good deed made him good enough to get into heaven and that Jesus was the only way.  After I presented the gospel and told him about Romans 10:9, I asked if he had ever said a prayer to make Jesus his Lord.  He nodded his head emphatically and said, "Oh, yeah."  I encouraged him to attend church regularly because it would help him grow in his faith and develop relationships with other believers.  Before he left, I prayed with him for his family and believe that the Holy Spirit is comforting them in their time of loss.

Maybe you'll have an expected or unexpected visitor today and I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity and share the gospel with him or her.  Don't let that moment slip away!  Capitalize on it by offering prayer, inviting them to church, or in some other way, get to that important question about their eternity.   You'll never what kind of difference you can make!  Go give life!


.shockwave challenge - day 65

Kari's and I headed out in our pjs this morning to grab some doughnuts at Krispy Kreme. We ordered up our delicious delights and then saw a young woman filling out an application. She commented on how adorable Karis is and so I struck up a conversation with her. I invited her to the Trunk or Treat and asked her the million dollar question. She was already saved so I encouraged her about the job she needed and we were on our way.

You just can't beat a Krispy Kreme and a shockwave for breakfast! Head out today and share the gospel with someone you meet!


.shockwave challenge - day 64

After church today, we went to lunch and I invited our server to church while I handed her a generous tip. (A little note of exhortation here: you never represent God well while being stingy. Don't attempt to lead your waitress to Jesus with anything less than 20%.)

I cornered her by the drink stand, thanked her for her service, then gave her the tip and an invitation card. I offered to pray with her and she immediately told me she had recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I said I would pray for her and she continued to fill up her drinks. I told her we would pray right then. So she immediately grabbed my hands. I told her about John 14:12 and Mark 16 then I commanded the cancer to be gone in Jesus name.

After we prayed, she thanked me and tried to get back to work, but my job wasn't done yet! I asked her the million dollar question and she said she would go to heaven because she hadn't really done anything bad. I shared the gospel with her and found out she was raised Jehovah's Witness but wasn't practicing. I told her about Romans 10:9 and asked if I could lead her in the prayer of salvation. She agreed and I led her to Christ right there.

Are you planning on eating out somewhere in the next few days? Leave your waiter or waitress a generous tip and then give them the best tip of all: the gospel! Be bold and let God use you!


.shockwave challenge - day 63

Nine weeks ago, I started an incredible journey with the intention of sharing the gospel with at least one person a day for a week. I didn't know I could do it, and I definitely didn't foresee the results of how it would change me. I've prayed with 59 people to be saved, 3 people have been miraculously healed and many more have been impacted by God's amazing love. It's been an incredible ride and I feel like I'm still barely scratching the surface of what God's going to do through the shockwave movement.

Today we went to the fair and had a great time. While Karis was riding the swings, I struck up a conversation with another dad who was watching his kid. We talked about the fair briefly and then I dropped it on him - the million dollar question, that is. He said he believed he would go to heaven and when I asked him why, he said what many others have said: "Because I've been a good person."

I told him that wasn't good enough as I shared the gospel. After I went through our script with him, I asked if I could lead him in a prayer to make Jesus his Lord. Then he said he'd already said a prayer like that before. I encouraged him that Jesus was the only way and his good deeds had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Will you take my challenge? Join me on an adventure like no other and watch as God changes your life in incredible ways!


.shockwave challenge - day 62

We were all over town today and I didn't create any opportunities to share the gospel at all. There weren't any opportunities that were blaring, but I didn't make any either. I did talk with a personal banker about church and found out she was already saved, but I knew that didn't count as my shockwave challenge today.

As we got home tonight around 10, I kept thinking about my day and how I had completely missed it. I also knew that the day wasn't over and I still had time to get my challenge completed. I began thinking about family members or friends of friends that I could call with the purpose of sharing the gospel. So I texted my mom to get her stepson's phone number. I knew from conversations we've had previously that he really needed to hear the truth about God's love and grace. I had already been praying for him, but I said another quick prayer before I gave him a call and asked God for just the right words to say and that his heart would be open and receptive.

I called and we talked for a few minutes and then he asked me to hold on for a minute. I prayed in the Spirit while I was on hold. He said he had to go help his aunt move some furniture. I almost let him go and then I stopped him to ask the million dollar question. I told him how important it was and that I would regret not asking him. He said he knew he would go to heaven because he believed. He talked about how his mom and dad had raised him and then I asked what he believed about how a person gets to heaven. He said he wasn't really sure. I shared the gospel with him and found out that he had prayed the prayer of salvation when he was younger. I knew he had to go, but I assured him of his salvation and told him to call anytime with any questions.

Who is it in your life that you know needs to hear the truth about God's love and grace? Why not give them a call tonight or in the next few days and tell them how much you care and how much more God cares about them? Ask them the million dollar question and make sure they know they would go to heaven when they die. That's the most important thing you can do for someone. Why would you hesitate when it comes to those you care about?


.shockwave challenge - day 61

I met up with someone who wanted to buy something I had on craigslist and after we made a deal, I invited him and his girlfriend to church. I offered to pray with them and he shared a request for a friend with a drug problem. I then asked if they knew they would go to heaven. The man said yes and that he was raised Christian and the woman said she didn't know. She said she had never been to church but was raised in the Kingdom Hall. She was a Jehovah's Witness. I shared the gospel with them and she prayed the prayer of salvation with me! She told me that no one had ever asked her a question like that before...not even her boyfriend. I wasn't shocked at all. The stats are astounding. Only 2% of Christians regularly share their faith. Are YOU sharing?

Keep your eyes peeled and your heart open for opportunities to share the gospel. You'll never know what kind of impact you'll have on someone unless you step out in faith to share Jesus.


.shockwave challenge - day 60

After lunch, we went to a local store to pick-up a few things and get some more candy to donate for the Trunk or Treat.  While we were there, we saw a lady with a toddler in her cart.  After Karis had already approached them, I sent her back over with an invitation card and then struck up a conversation.  I invited her to church and offered prayer.  She said she was fine and then I asked her the million dollar question: "If you were to die today or within the next 100 years, do you know for sure you'll go to heaven when you die?"  She said she believed she would and went on to explain how she had a close relationship with God and believed Jesus died on the cross for her sins.  I made sure that she had confessed Jesus as her Lord and had gone beyond just believing.  She was thankful for our conversation and we invited her to the Trunk or Treat as well.  She said she would come to the church and visit some time.

As you're out and about doing your daily deal, keep in mind that we have a responsibility as believers to share our faith with others.  We are partnering with God in this great commission and He backs us up wherever we go.  So, go and tell somebody about Christ today!


.shockwave challenge - day 59

We went to Smoothie King for a dinner smoothie tonight and I invited the smoothie barista (is that even the correct terminology?) to church. I offered to pray with her and she said she was ok. So then I immediately followed up with the million dollar question. She said she would probably go to heaven because she believed she was a pretty good person. I asked her permission to share with her what the Bible says and she agreed. I presented the gospel to her and she said she believed that Jesus died on the cross and was raised from the dead and had attended a local church when she was younger. I told her about Romans 10:9 and asked if she had ever prayed a prayer to confess Jesus as Lord and she said no. I was excited because I just knew the next part would be so simple! I was shocked when I told her I could lead her in a prayer to do that and she said, "No, that's ok." Wow!

I just stood there for a moment and so Kristen chimed in with some encouragement about how easy it is and how it's a simple statement of what you already believe is true. She declined again, so Kristen remembered that we had some "road to salvation" cards in the SUV and she told her she'd be right back with a card that has the prayer that she could say on her own. We ran to the car and searched, but couldn't find any cards!!! Aggghh! So I told Kristen to write out the prayer on the back of a Trunk or Treat invitation. She went back inside and handed her the prayer and encouraged her to say it by herself and she would be saved.

I believe she will say the prayer on her own and call on the name of the Lord. We both wished we had those cards with us and we encourage you to take 'em with you as well. You will be able to get a copy on our church website in the next day or so!

Go out armed with the tools you need to be ready to preach the gospel wherever you go! And if you find that you don't have what you need handy, improvise and trust God!


.shockwave challenge - day 58

I went up to BDubs this morning to meet up with Jason and Cullen to check in on them and of course, see about the possibility of scoring free wings for a year.  I realized that it wasn't going to happen for me this morning.  Unlike the "five o'clock people" in the parable, this time, you'd have to show up early enough to get in on the action.

While we were there, they did a few giveaway contests and then a lady walks up to me and asks if I knew whose car was double parked behind me.  So I pointed out the culprit and then struck up a conversation.  I knew this would be an opportunity to share my faith.  I waited on her sister to park the car and get out and then I invited them both to church and offered to pray with them.  They didn't want prayer at that moment, so I asked them the million dollar question to which they both replied, "Yes."  I asked them how they knew they would go to heaven and they said they were saved.  I was glad to meet some fellow believers and I encouraged them to share their faith with others.  I didn't stick around for the rest of the time, but if I thought I had even a remote chance of scoring some free wings, I would have stayed!

Later, while at work, a delivery guy came by to drop off an order from Office Depot.  I signed for the order and then asked if I could pray with him about anything. He told me his grandmother had just passed away and that we could pray for the family.  I encouraged him and then asked him the million dollar question before we prayed.  He assured me that he was saved already and then we agreed together for comfort and peace for his family.

I couldn't think of a better way to get my day started than with the shockwave challenge!  How about you make a plan to start your day that way, too?  Get out there and meet somebody new and then share the gospel with him or her.  You'll be amazed at how invigorating it is!


.shockwave challenge - day 57

After church, we went to Maurice's BBQ for lunch and grubbed down! There was nobody else there, so after we ate I talked with the manager for a little bit about how business was going. I asked him about the church crowd and told him we had just come from church and if he needed prayer. He declined. Then I asked if he knew whether he would go to heaven. He assured me that he would and when I asked why, he said that he believed in God. I then asked if he believed in Jesus and that he died on the cross and rose from the grave. He said yes, so I shared Romans 10:9 with him and asked if he had ever confessed Jesus as Lord and he told me that he had when he was young.

Why don't you take some time today to talk with someone and share the gospel with them? You CAN give life!


.shockwave challenge - day 56

Karis and I went to Wal-Mart to get a "shockwave sandwich" as she calls the shockwave challenge.  We went in armed with 7 invitations and were determined to leave without any left.  While we were doing our shopping for a few items, we were on the prowl for people who needed Jesus!  At one point, we were following a couple up and down several aisles looking for the perfect opportunity to approach them.  We invited 7 people to church and prayed with all of them for various needs.  One grandmother asked her grandson if he wanted us to pray for his school, so we did. They were already saved.

Another couple we met said they knew they would go to heaven because they were good.  Like many people we've met, we found out later that they had already accepted Christ as their Savior.  They said, "We haven't ever had anyone ask us that in a store before."  I laughed aloud, but cringed inside.  Isn't it sad that so few believers are doing our part?

While we were finishing up our shopping, I noticed a lady with a cane shopping with her family.  I told Karis that we were going to invite them to church.  The approach was a little awkward because Karis said, "Excuse me" when we walked up to them and they tried to move as if we were asking them to get out of the way.  I jumped in and said that she wanted to invite them to church.  There was a little girl there that was the same age as Karis, so she wanted to get out of the cart and personally hand the card to her.  She handed out a card to each person in the family and we told them about our Trunk or Treat event.  I asked them if they needed prayer, and immediately the lady with the cane said she had some serious health issues.  I inquired further about her health condition and found out that she had been diagnosed with quite a number of things from high blood pressure to blood clots and back problems and other things I couldn't remember.  I began telling her how Jesus healed the blind, lame, deaf and mute and that her problems were nothing for Him. I shared with her from John 14:12 and Mark 16 about how Jesus had given believers the commission to lay hands on the sick and we could do the same works and even greater works than He had.  I shared the testimony of the lady with the broken thumb, whom I prayed for last week, and told her God's power would work the same way for her.  Then, with her permission, I laid hands on her and commanded her body to be made whole.  After we prayed, I asked if there was any difference.  She looked at me, wide-eyed, and speechless.  I said, "Your back's warm, isn't it?"  She said, "Why, yes!  This is weird. I could hardly stand up in here shopping before, but I feel better now!"  I explained about the power of God working in her body to bring about a healing and a cure for her condition and then shared the gospel with her and her daughter.  The two of them prayed the prayer of salvation with me!  They were both so thankful that I had approached them because they needed what I had to offer.

And, if you're a believer, you have something to offer, too!  Get out there and give life to someone today.  Don't let another opportunity to minister healing or salvation to someone slip away.  Seize the moment and you won't have any regrets!


.shockwave challenge - day 55

We were at the Montclair park today and while Karis was playing, I saw the tennis instructor who is always at one of the parks giving lessons. He walked to his car during a break and as he walked back to the tennis court, I approached him and said, "Another great day at the office, huh?" He agreed and we talked for a bit. Before I walked away, I invited him to church and asked him the million dollar question. He said that he should go to heaven and didn't see any reason why not. I asked him why and he said because of doing good things and not doing anything really bad like killing someone. I shared the gospel with him and found out that he believed in the resurrection. I asked if he had ever prayed a prayer according to Romans 10:9 and he said, "a bunch of times!" I assured him that he was saved according to the Bible and it only took one time. He said he was raised in the "holiness" denomination, but wasn't attending church now because he works 7 days a week. I told him to come to church the next time he gets a break.

Religion is rampant in the church today! Christians are convinced that their good works or own holiness makes them right with God. But according to the Bible, Jesus is the ONLY mediator who can make us right with God. (1 Tim. 2:5) Let's make sure people know that Jesus is the only ticket to heaven and he promised us an abundant life!

Later, two high school girls came down to the swings, so Karis went over and invited them to church. They were both believers and attended church and also went to a Christian school. Kristen told them about our outreaches and invited them to join us in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

You should join us, too. Wherever you are, take the shockwave challenge and share the gospel with at least one person a day!


.shockwave challenge - day 54

We went to the Kroc center this afternoon to workout and swim.  After my run, I walked over to the water fountain and saw one of the lifeguards watching an indoor soccer game from outside the gym.  I walked up and asked if he was just getting off of work or taking a break.  He said he was happy to be going home and was ready for some sleep.  After a little small talk, I invited him to church and he said, "You know, I've been wanting to get back to church but I've just had some bad experiences at churches."  I promised he would find just what he needed at Good News Church and then I asked how he got involved in church in the first place.  He said he was really involved as a kid when the local church sent a van into the neighborhood to pick kids up.

I told him I didn't want to assume anything just because he attended church and that I needed to ask him an important question.  Then I dropped the million dollar bomb on him.  He said he thought he'd go to heaven because he was a good person.  He said that he felt like the more good you do, the closer you get to God and the more bad you do, the closer you get to the devil.  I told him that I could tell he seemed like a good person, but ultimately how good do you have to be to get into heaven?  He nodded his head like he understood.  I then shared the gospel with him and pointed out that there's no way we can be good enough and that's why God sent His son, Jesus, to die on the cross for us.  I shared Romans 10:9 with him and asked if he'd ever prayed a prayer like that.  He said he thought he had when he was a kid, but wanted to do it again because he felt like he needed to.  I was happy to oblige and so I led him in the prayer of salvation.  After our prayer, he said, "I really needed that today.  I feel good now!"  I continued to share with him about the benefits of salvation and encouraged him to come to church to grow in his faith.  He said he'd like that.

Who can you share the gospel with today?  Go out and give life!  You could encourage someone.  You could lead someone else to Christ.  You could challenge another believer to share his faith.  You could lay hands on the sick and heal them.  You could do the works of Christ and join the most important ministry there is: the ministry of the believer!


.shockwave challenge - day 53

Earlier today, I was very aware of missing several opportunities to present the gospel...one was quite blaring.  The FedEx guy came by the office today to deliver a package and instead of having us sign, just dropped it off at the front and rang the doorbell.  I ran to the door and opened it, fully expecting to present the gospel.  Well, I ran all the way down the ramp after him asking if I needed to sign (hoping it would give me more time to talk to him).  He said it wasn't necessary for this package and he was apparently being trained because there was another person driving and waiting on him.  Boo!  I bid them good day and I walked away wishing I would have ran over to the truck and stopped both of them for a moment to ask them that all important question about their eternity.  But I didn't.  For all of the opportunities I seize, there are probably dozens more that I miss.  That's why it's even more important for every believer to do the work of the ministry!

I had to make up for the timidity I let out, so I walked over to the park before church this afternoon to invite people with children to our Trunk or Treat event using the invitation cards.  I met a couple (even on a rainy afternoon) at the swing set with their four year old, so I invited them to the event.  They lived close by and said they were wanting to take her to the Trunk or Treat so she could get some candy.  I asked if they needed prayer and they said no.  I then asked if they knew they would go to heaven, to which they also replied no.  After I shared the gospel with them, I gave them an opportunity to receive Christ as their Savior.  The mom declined and walked away and I further investigated with the dad.  He felt the same way, so I didn't pressure them.  I trust that they will come to the Trunk or Treat event and participate in our Gospel Hayride and their eyes will be opened to the truth.

On my way back to the church, I saw a young man walking home from school.  I pulled into the side parking lot and hopped out real quick to invite him to church.  After asking him the million dollar question, he said, "I know I'm going to heaven because I'm saved!"  I knew what he meant, but clarified whether he had invited Jesus into his life and confessed Him as Lord.  He had indeed!  It was awesome to meet a teenager who knew he was going to heaven because Jesus saved him!

How about you invite someone to church today and share the gospel with them?  If you need a script to help you with that part, you can download it on our church website here.  Go give life today!


.shockwave challenge - day 52

I was at work today when the UPS guy came by to deliver a package.  I opened the door and signed for the box and after we made a little small talk, I asked him the million dollar question.  I actually chased him down the sidewalk because at first I wasn't going to ask him.  I almost chickened out, but then I thought about the prayers I've been praying that go a little something like this: "God, send people to me who need to hear the good news and be saved."  I realized that this could be one of those people, so I didn't let the opportunity slip by without doing my part.

He said he knew he was going to heaven because he had a pure heart.  After asking what made his heart pure, we got down to the only way to get to heaven - Jesus!  He was a fellow believer after all, but I still recognize that I was obedient and know that God can trust me with sharing the gospel with those he brings across my path.

What about you?  Can God trust you with sharing the message of His love and goodness through Jesus Christ to those He brings across your path?  What did you do with those opportunities that presented themselves today?  That's a good indicator of how trustworthy you are with His message.  If you missed it today (like I almost did) then get back up and make a change for tomorrow.  You'll never know the outcome unless you do.


.shockwave challenge - day 51

We went to Target tonight after an appointment and I met a gentleman in Starbucks and invited him to church. I offered to pray with him and he declined, then I asked him the million dollar question. He said that was a pretty big question and he had to think about it for a minute. He said he believed in it. I asked him if he believed in God, Jesus and the resurrection to which he replied "Yes!" I then share Romans 10:9 with him and asked if he had ever confessed Jesus as his Lord. He said he had and was baptized when he was 12. I told him that was the only way to heaven and assured him of his salvation. When I asked him if he attended church, he said at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. He asked me about my testimony of coming to Christ and we had a great conversation. I believe he was saved according to the Bible.

Regardless of your view of different religions and denominations, we have a responsibility to share the truth of the good news with others. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life! The only way to heaven is through him and according to Romans 10:13, "everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved."

Be a lifegiver today and share God's good news with somebody!


.shockwave challenge - day 50

Karis and Yaya and I went to the park tonight and I met a guy on the basketball court. I invited him to church and shared the gospel with him. He didn't know if he'd go to heaven but wasn't ready to pray with me. I persisted with the gospel and told him it was as simple as receiving a gift but I perceived that he had the idea that he wanted to get his life right before praying. I told him it wasn't about what he had done but receiving what Jesus has already done for him. As much as I wanted him to be saved, he wouldn't pray with me even though he believed in Jesus.

I kept thinking about how patient God is and how much He desires all of humanity to come to the knowledge of the truth. (1 Timothy 2:3-4). I pray that Jamal takes into consideration what I said and prays to accept Christ on his own.

While we were there, Karis invited a little boy to Trunk or Treat and we found out that his family was already saved. They said they would come and loved the idea!

Could you invite someone to church this week and share the gospel?


.shockwave challenge - day 49

We started our day this morning with an outreach blitz at church so I had to run to WalMart to pick up some bottled waters to pass out. Before I went in, I met a lady in a wheelchair and offered to pray for her. She asked if I could pray for a situation with her drivers license but didn't authorize me to pray for her legs. We prayed together about that situation and I learned that she was already saved.

We had 9 people go out with us on outreach and we prayed with 88 people to be saved and ministered to dozens of others about different things from jobs, finances, and healing in their bodies. Harry and I met one lady who was experiencing pain in her abdomen. After we shared with her from the Bible about believers laying hands on the sick and healing them, we commanded the pain to go and she said she felt about 40% better. So we spoke to the pain again and she was healed completely! Afterward, she let us record her testimony on video.

One lady who went out with us today had the opportunity to pray with someone for the first time! She was so excited when we came back and said, "I want to do this again!" I told her she could do it everyday!

After outreach, I went home to pick up Karis and Kristen for lunch and we went to Zaxby's. We ate and then Kristen saw someone she wanted to minister to, so she went and shared the gospel with her and led her to Christ. The lady said, "I was having a bad day, but you just made my day so much better!"

We realized today more than ever that "the harvest truly is plentiful, but the workers are few." (Matthew 9:37) We need more harvest hands! Get in on the shockwave and share the gospel with someone you meet!


.shockwave challenge - day 48

Kristen and I went on a date tonight and saw the movie Courageous. What a great flick! It was so inspiring and challenging in many ways. It even had a shockwave moment in there that reminded me that I hadn't done my challenge yet today.

After we left the movie, Tutti Frutti was calling our names, so we scooted over there to scarf down some delicious fro yo! On our way out, we invited a couple to church and talked to them about the gospel. They were both under the impression that they'd go to heaven because they were good people. The young girl had been raised Muslim and the guy was open minded but didn't have a clear understanding of who Jesus is. We did our best to present the gospel to them, but they didn't pray with us to be saved.

It's difficult sometimes to get the entire gospel out to someone in a conversation, especially when they have solid viewpoints and opinions about religion. I attempted to explain to them the major difference in other world religions and faith in Christ being that of human achievement versus divine accomplishment. In a very real sense, religion attempts to reach God on its own merit, while faith in Christ is belief and acceptance of what God accomplished for us through Jesus.
While getting to this point, he cut me off and I wasn't able to finish. We wish we had the chance to share further with them, but they insisted that they were on their way to the movies. She had mentioned earlier that she wanted us to pray for her brother so I used that opportunity to pray also for them that their eyes would be open and that they would see clearly God's plan for their lives. We believe other laborers will come across their path to water the seed we planted.

Will you be a laborer? Will you make a conscious decision to go out into the harvest fields to share what God has done for humanity and bring them to a point of decision about Christ? Take the challenge and rise to the occasion!


.shockwave challenge - day 47

We were on our way to dinner with some friends and we had to stop and pick up a dessert. While I was standing in the frozen food section studying the delicious delectables, I noticed a gentleman picking up some ice cream. I quickly walked over to him and invited him to church and offered to pray for him. When I asked him if he knew he would go to heaven, he said no. So I shared the gospel with him and he found forgiveness right there in the frozen food aisle. At first, he said he couldn't pray with me because he had to go to work, but before I said anything, he said, "No, let's go ahead and do this!" So he called upon Jesus to be saved.

The whole interaction took about three minutes. Why don't you give God some of your time today to talk to someone about the gospel? It is easier than it seems and God works with you to reach out to people. As my friend Jason said, "put a little shockwave in your coffee" and get going!


.shockwave challenge - day 46

Karis came to church with Kristen this afternoon and told me she wanted to go invite people to church. So we went across the street to the park where we met a lady who was there with her 3 year old daughter. After we invited them to church, I asked her if she needed prayer. She had an ace bandage wrapped around her hand and she told me I could pray for her thumb because she had broken it when she was working out.

I shared with her from Acts 10:38 and John 14:12 and then told her a testimony of when I prayed for a woman with a similar condition and she was healed. I asked if I could lay hands on her in Jesus name and she agreed. Karis and I prayed for her and then I told her to go ahead and move her thumb. When she did, she smiled really big and said the pain was gone! She said, "For real! It's all gone. I didn't know it would be instant!!" I laughed and told her that's what happens when you take God at His word! I then shared the gospel with her and she prayed with me to receive Jesus because she didn't know if she would go to heaven when she died. She was adamant that she would be at church on Sunday because they were new to the area and she wanted to meet some new people.

Karis and I continued to invite people to church and at one point, I saw her chasing a little boy with an invitation card in her hand. She invited a number of kids to go to her church right across the street! We also got to pray with another woman who was already saved, but needed a job.

I missed an opportunity at lunch today, but I wonder if I would have gone to the park if I had shared the gospel with someone at lunch. Maybe I didn't miss it at all because I believe meeting Rina at the park was a divine appointment. She knows that God's power is real and now she knows that heaven is her eternal home.

Make a divine appointment today and see how God can use you to reach people in your world! You'll be amazed at His goodness!


.shockwave challenge - day 45

Last week I met a number of people who were already believers and I'm thankful for the opportunity to encourage them. But I also know that my mission is to make disciples, so I've been praying more earnestly that God would bring people across my path that need Him. Tonight, He did just that.

We went to Wal-Mart to meet someone who was buying something we listed on craigslist. We didn't end up making the deal today, but I introduced him to a better deal! I shared the gospel with him and both he and his nephew prayed the prayer of salvation with us!

It's so exciting to see God work in someone's heart and see the transforming power at work. Maybe you can make a grace transaction today! Share the gospel with the people you meet and introduce them to the One who can turn their lives around!


.shockwave challenge - day 44

We went to DiChicko's cafe for lunch today and while we were there, I talked to a couple looking around the store. After sharing the gospel with them, I found out they were Christians and already attended church. I encouraged them and prayed for them about their relationship.

Later, we stopped by the gas station and I saw an older gentleman working on his car. I approached and invited him to church and for the first time in over 6 weeks, someone refused my invitation card. I proceeded with the million dollar question and he ignored me. I asked him if he had a response and he told me he didn't really feel like talking. I said a blessing over him and walked away. Most Christians in this case may have pressed the issue or condemned the man for his rudeness, but that would have just made his heart harder. I believe God's goodness draws men to repentance. (Romans 2:4). I fully expect God to reveal Himself to this man!

Can you be a dispenser of God's goodness to someone today through offering them an invitation to accept Christ's free gift of salvation? I certainly plan to!


.shockwave challenge - day 43

While we were at church this morning, I saw one of the people I met at Wal-Mart and invited to church.  I've invited a number of people to church over the past six weeks and I'm excited that one person finally came!  I hope she continues to come and gets plugged in because it's life and death where you go to church.  Make sure you're in a Bible-believing church that preaches about salvation through Jesus Christ and presents an image of God as portrayed in the Bible as a loving Father who wants the best for His children.

After church today, we went out to Chili's for lunch and while we were waiting for our table, I stepped outside to talk to a guy I saw taking a smoke break.  I invited him to church and offered to pray with him.  He said he could use prayer for a new position at his job that he wanted.  I told him we'd pray about that later, but first I wanted to ask him an important question - the million dollar question!  He said he knew he'd go to heaven when he died and I learned after he said he believed the right things that what he believed about getting to heaven was actually right!  He had confessed Jesus as His savior when he was a child and even though he wasn't doing what he thought was right at this time in his life, he knew he was going to heaven because of Christ.  I was encouraged about his answer and began to talk to him more about his life.  I then ministered to him and prayed with him about his job.

What about you?  Can you invite someone to church and then use that opportunity to investigate into their eternal destination?  It's so simple that you've probably psyched yourself out of doing it too many times over nothing.  Just be yourself and allow God to show Himself through your words and actions!


.shockwave challenge - day 42

We had lunch at Wendy's today and before we left I shared the gospel with the guy who took our order. He was already saved and attended another church but was appreciative that I shared with him.

I had put my PS2 on craigslist for sale and someone came by to buy it today. After we finished our transaction, I shared the gospel with him and his girlfriend and they were already saved too.

Be open for opportunities to come your way today and then seize them!