.shockwave challenge - day 59

We went to Smoothie King for a dinner smoothie tonight and I invited the smoothie barista (is that even the correct terminology?) to church. I offered to pray with her and she said she was ok. So then I immediately followed up with the million dollar question. She said she would probably go to heaven because she believed she was a pretty good person. I asked her permission to share with her what the Bible says and she agreed. I presented the gospel to her and she said she believed that Jesus died on the cross and was raised from the dead and had attended a local church when she was younger. I told her about Romans 10:9 and asked if she had ever prayed a prayer to confess Jesus as Lord and she said no. I was excited because I just knew the next part would be so simple! I was shocked when I told her I could lead her in a prayer to do that and she said, "No, that's ok." Wow!

I just stood there for a moment and so Kristen chimed in with some encouragement about how easy it is and how it's a simple statement of what you already believe is true. She declined again, so Kristen remembered that we had some "road to salvation" cards in the SUV and she told her she'd be right back with a card that has the prayer that she could say on her own. We ran to the car and searched, but couldn't find any cards!!! Aggghh! So I told Kristen to write out the prayer on the back of a Trunk or Treat invitation. She went back inside and handed her the prayer and encouraged her to say it by herself and she would be saved.

I believe she will say the prayer on her own and call on the name of the Lord. We both wished we had those cards with us and we encourage you to take 'em with you as well. You will be able to get a copy on our church website in the next day or so!

Go out armed with the tools you need to be ready to preach the gospel wherever you go! And if you find that you don't have what you need handy, improvise and trust God!

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