.shockwave challenge - day 48

Kristen and I went on a date tonight and saw the movie Courageous. What a great flick! It was so inspiring and challenging in many ways. It even had a shockwave moment in there that reminded me that I hadn't done my challenge yet today.

After we left the movie, Tutti Frutti was calling our names, so we scooted over there to scarf down some delicious fro yo! On our way out, we invited a couple to church and talked to them about the gospel. They were both under the impression that they'd go to heaven because they were good people. The young girl had been raised Muslim and the guy was open minded but didn't have a clear understanding of who Jesus is. We did our best to present the gospel to them, but they didn't pray with us to be saved.

It's difficult sometimes to get the entire gospel out to someone in a conversation, especially when they have solid viewpoints and opinions about religion. I attempted to explain to them the major difference in other world religions and faith in Christ being that of human achievement versus divine accomplishment. In a very real sense, religion attempts to reach God on its own merit, while faith in Christ is belief and acceptance of what God accomplished for us through Jesus.
While getting to this point, he cut me off and I wasn't able to finish. We wish we had the chance to share further with them, but they insisted that they were on their way to the movies. She had mentioned earlier that she wanted us to pray for her brother so I used that opportunity to pray also for them that their eyes would be open and that they would see clearly God's plan for their lives. We believe other laborers will come across their path to water the seed we planted.

Will you be a laborer? Will you make a conscious decision to go out into the harvest fields to share what God has done for humanity and bring them to a point of decision about Christ? Take the challenge and rise to the occasion!

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