.shokwave challenge - day 70

Today marks 10 weeks of the shockwave challenge. I went to the library with Karis and on the way out, I saw a gentleman sitting on a bench. I approached him and invited him to church. I offered to pray with him and then asked the big money question. He said he thought he'd go to heaven because he was living right. So many people have this mindset!

He then told me he read his Bible and prayed as well. I had a feeling that he might have already accepted Christ as his savior, but I asked to make sure. I told him that Jesus is the way to heaven and it's got nothing to do with his right living. He can live right without Jesus and still die and go to hell. But Jesus is the only one who lived a perfect life and took our punishment on himself so we would have a way into heaven.

Have you taken the challenge yet? Go out and share the gospel with at least one person a day and watch what God can do through you! Happy shockwaving!

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