.shockwave challenge - day 50

Karis and Yaya and I went to the park tonight and I met a guy on the basketball court. I invited him to church and shared the gospel with him. He didn't know if he'd go to heaven but wasn't ready to pray with me. I persisted with the gospel and told him it was as simple as receiving a gift but I perceived that he had the idea that he wanted to get his life right before praying. I told him it wasn't about what he had done but receiving what Jesus has already done for him. As much as I wanted him to be saved, he wouldn't pray with me even though he believed in Jesus.

I kept thinking about how patient God is and how much He desires all of humanity to come to the knowledge of the truth. (1 Timothy 2:3-4). I pray that Jamal takes into consideration what I said and prays to accept Christ on his own.

While we were there, Karis invited a little boy to Trunk or Treat and we found out that his family was already saved. They said they would come and loved the idea!

Could you invite someone to church this week and share the gospel?

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