.shockwave challenge - day 47

We were on our way to dinner with some friends and we had to stop and pick up a dessert. While I was standing in the frozen food section studying the delicious delectables, I noticed a gentleman picking up some ice cream. I quickly walked over to him and invited him to church and offered to pray for him. When I asked him if he knew he would go to heaven, he said no. So I shared the gospel with him and he found forgiveness right there in the frozen food aisle. At first, he said he couldn't pray with me because he had to go to work, but before I said anything, he said, "No, let's go ahead and do this!" So he called upon Jesus to be saved.

The whole interaction took about three minutes. Why don't you give God some of your time today to talk to someone about the gospel? It is easier than it seems and God works with you to reach out to people. As my friend Jason said, "put a little shockwave in your coffee" and get going!

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