.shockwave challenge - day 68

At work today, I overheard Rhonda (our administrative assistant) do the shockwave challenge. God totally set her up when a lady came in from the street to use the phone. She had just moved into town and didn't have a home phone and needed to make some important calls. After she used the phone, Rhonda started the shockwave! After a few minutes, she led her in the prayer of salvation. I was elated just to be eavesdropping on her evangelism explosion! Way to go, Rhonda!

Tonight, we went to the park so Karis could play for a little while. When we got there, we saw two guys sitting on a bench. I walked up to them and invited them to church.

I told them a little about the church and then I asked them if they needed prayer for anything. After they said no, I asked them the million dollar question. They both thought they should go to heaven because they hadn't done anything too wrong. I shared the gospel with them and told them that Jesus is the only way and we can't get to heaven based on our good deeds. They told me they believed in Jesus and the resurrection but had never said the prayer. I led them in the prayer of salvation and they both called upon the name of Jesus and were saved.

No matter where you are today, someone needs to hear the good news. Why don't you share Jesus with them? If you don't, who will?

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