.shockwave challenge - day 60

After lunch, we went to a local store to pick-up a few things and get some more candy to donate for the Trunk or Treat.  While we were there, we saw a lady with a toddler in her cart.  After Karis had already approached them, I sent her back over with an invitation card and then struck up a conversation.  I invited her to church and offered prayer.  She said she was fine and then I asked her the million dollar question: "If you were to die today or within the next 100 years, do you know for sure you'll go to heaven when you die?"  She said she believed she would and went on to explain how she had a close relationship with God and believed Jesus died on the cross for her sins.  I made sure that she had confessed Jesus as her Lord and had gone beyond just believing.  She was thankful for our conversation and we invited her to the Trunk or Treat as well.  She said she would come to the church and visit some time.

As you're out and about doing your daily deal, keep in mind that we have a responsibility as believers to share our faith with others.  We are partnering with God in this great commission and He backs us up wherever we go.  So, go and tell somebody about Christ today!

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