.shockwave challenge - day 52

I was at work today when the UPS guy came by to deliver a package.  I opened the door and signed for the box and after we made a little small talk, I asked him the million dollar question.  I actually chased him down the sidewalk because at first I wasn't going to ask him.  I almost chickened out, but then I thought about the prayers I've been praying that go a little something like this: "God, send people to me who need to hear the good news and be saved."  I realized that this could be one of those people, so I didn't let the opportunity slip by without doing my part.

He said he knew he was going to heaven because he had a pure heart.  After asking what made his heart pure, we got down to the only way to get to heaven - Jesus!  He was a fellow believer after all, but I still recognize that I was obedient and know that God can trust me with sharing the gospel with those he brings across my path.

What about you?  Can God trust you with sharing the message of His love and goodness through Jesus Christ to those He brings across your path?  What did you do with those opportunities that presented themselves today?  That's a good indicator of how trustworthy you are with His message.  If you missed it today (like I almost did) then get back up and make a change for tomorrow.  You'll never know the outcome unless you do.

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