.shockwave challenge - day 64

After church today, we went to lunch and I invited our server to church while I handed her a generous tip. (A little note of exhortation here: you never represent God well while being stingy. Don't attempt to lead your waitress to Jesus with anything less than 20%.)

I cornered her by the drink stand, thanked her for her service, then gave her the tip and an invitation card. I offered to pray with her and she immediately told me she had recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I said I would pray for her and she continued to fill up her drinks. I told her we would pray right then. So she immediately grabbed my hands. I told her about John 14:12 and Mark 16 then I commanded the cancer to be gone in Jesus name.

After we prayed, she thanked me and tried to get back to work, but my job wasn't done yet! I asked her the million dollar question and she said she would go to heaven because she hadn't really done anything bad. I shared the gospel with her and found out she was raised Jehovah's Witness but wasn't practicing. I told her about Romans 10:9 and asked if I could lead her in the prayer of salvation. She agreed and I led her to Christ right there.

Are you planning on eating out somewhere in the next few days? Leave your waiter or waitress a generous tip and then give them the best tip of all: the gospel! Be bold and let God use you!

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