.shockwave challenge - day 49

We started our day this morning with an outreach blitz at church so I had to run to WalMart to pick up some bottled waters to pass out. Before I went in, I met a lady in a wheelchair and offered to pray for her. She asked if I could pray for a situation with her drivers license but didn't authorize me to pray for her legs. We prayed together about that situation and I learned that she was already saved.

We had 9 people go out with us on outreach and we prayed with 88 people to be saved and ministered to dozens of others about different things from jobs, finances, and healing in their bodies. Harry and I met one lady who was experiencing pain in her abdomen. After we shared with her from the Bible about believers laying hands on the sick and healing them, we commanded the pain to go and she said she felt about 40% better. So we spoke to the pain again and she was healed completely! Afterward, she let us record her testimony on video.

One lady who went out with us today had the opportunity to pray with someone for the first time! She was so excited when we came back and said, "I want to do this again!" I told her she could do it everyday!

After outreach, I went home to pick up Karis and Kristen for lunch and we went to Zaxby's. We ate and then Kristen saw someone she wanted to minister to, so she went and shared the gospel with her and led her to Christ. The lady said, "I was having a bad day, but you just made my day so much better!"

We realized today more than ever that "the harvest truly is plentiful, but the workers are few." (Matthew 9:37) We need more harvest hands! Get in on the shockwave and share the gospel with someone you meet!

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