.shockwave challenge - day 62

We were all over town today and I didn't create any opportunities to share the gospel at all. There weren't any opportunities that were blaring, but I didn't make any either. I did talk with a personal banker about church and found out she was already saved, but I knew that didn't count as my shockwave challenge today.

As we got home tonight around 10, I kept thinking about my day and how I had completely missed it. I also knew that the day wasn't over and I still had time to get my challenge completed. I began thinking about family members or friends of friends that I could call with the purpose of sharing the gospel. So I texted my mom to get her stepson's phone number. I knew from conversations we've had previously that he really needed to hear the truth about God's love and grace. I had already been praying for him, but I said another quick prayer before I gave him a call and asked God for just the right words to say and that his heart would be open and receptive.

I called and we talked for a few minutes and then he asked me to hold on for a minute. I prayed in the Spirit while I was on hold. He said he had to go help his aunt move some furniture. I almost let him go and then I stopped him to ask the million dollar question. I told him how important it was and that I would regret not asking him. He said he knew he would go to heaven because he believed. He talked about how his mom and dad had raised him and then I asked what he believed about how a person gets to heaven. He said he wasn't really sure. I shared the gospel with him and found out that he had prayed the prayer of salvation when he was younger. I knew he had to go, but I assured him of his salvation and told him to call anytime with any questions.

Who is it in your life that you know needs to hear the truth about God's love and grace? Why not give them a call tonight or in the next few days and tell them how much you care and how much more God cares about them? Ask them the million dollar question and make sure they know they would go to heaven when they die. That's the most important thing you can do for someone. Why would you hesitate when it comes to those you care about?

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