.shockwave challenge - day 69

I stopped by Wal-Mart this afternoon with the express purpose of completing my shockwave challenge. I walked around for a bit and then saw a couple of guys checking out the posters. They were both wearing funky halloween wigs, so I just started a conversation about that. After a couple of minutes, I whipped out some invitation cards and offered to pray for them. They declined and then I asked the million dollar question. They both said they thought they would go to heaven because they prayed and repented for their sins. I investigated further into what they understood that to mean. After sharing the gospel with them, I learned that they had already accepted Christ and so I told them they should be completely sure, not just kind of sure. I told them they would be completely welcome at our church and they should wear their wigs when they come!

How about you go out on purpose to share the gospel today! You can do it!

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