.shockwave challenge - day 53

Earlier today, I was very aware of missing several opportunities to present the gospel...one was quite blaring.  The FedEx guy came by the office today to deliver a package and instead of having us sign, just dropped it off at the front and rang the doorbell.  I ran to the door and opened it, fully expecting to present the gospel.  Well, I ran all the way down the ramp after him asking if I needed to sign (hoping it would give me more time to talk to him).  He said it wasn't necessary for this package and he was apparently being trained because there was another person driving and waiting on him.  Boo!  I bid them good day and I walked away wishing I would have ran over to the truck and stopped both of them for a moment to ask them that all important question about their eternity.  But I didn't.  For all of the opportunities I seize, there are probably dozens more that I miss.  That's why it's even more important for every believer to do the work of the ministry!

I had to make up for the timidity I let out, so I walked over to the park before church this afternoon to invite people with children to our Trunk or Treat event using the invitation cards.  I met a couple (even on a rainy afternoon) at the swing set with their four year old, so I invited them to the event.  They lived close by and said they were wanting to take her to the Trunk or Treat so she could get some candy.  I asked if they needed prayer and they said no.  I then asked if they knew they would go to heaven, to which they also replied no.  After I shared the gospel with them, I gave them an opportunity to receive Christ as their Savior.  The mom declined and walked away and I further investigated with the dad.  He felt the same way, so I didn't pressure them.  I trust that they will come to the Trunk or Treat event and participate in our Gospel Hayride and their eyes will be opened to the truth.

On my way back to the church, I saw a young man walking home from school.  I pulled into the side parking lot and hopped out real quick to invite him to church.  After asking him the million dollar question, he said, "I know I'm going to heaven because I'm saved!"  I knew what he meant, but clarified whether he had invited Jesus into his life and confessed Him as Lord.  He had indeed!  It was awesome to meet a teenager who knew he was going to heaven because Jesus saved him!

How about you invite someone to church today and share the gospel with them?  If you need a script to help you with that part, you can download it on our church website here.  Go give life today!

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