.shockwave challenge - day 56

Karis and I went to Wal-Mart to get a "shockwave sandwich" as she calls the shockwave challenge.  We went in armed with 7 invitations and were determined to leave without any left.  While we were doing our shopping for a few items, we were on the prowl for people who needed Jesus!  At one point, we were following a couple up and down several aisles looking for the perfect opportunity to approach them.  We invited 7 people to church and prayed with all of them for various needs.  One grandmother asked her grandson if he wanted us to pray for his school, so we did. They were already saved.

Another couple we met said they knew they would go to heaven because they were good.  Like many people we've met, we found out later that they had already accepted Christ as their Savior.  They said, "We haven't ever had anyone ask us that in a store before."  I laughed aloud, but cringed inside.  Isn't it sad that so few believers are doing our part?

While we were finishing up our shopping, I noticed a lady with a cane shopping with her family.  I told Karis that we were going to invite them to church.  The approach was a little awkward because Karis said, "Excuse me" when we walked up to them and they tried to move as if we were asking them to get out of the way.  I jumped in and said that she wanted to invite them to church.  There was a little girl there that was the same age as Karis, so she wanted to get out of the cart and personally hand the card to her.  She handed out a card to each person in the family and we told them about our Trunk or Treat event.  I asked them if they needed prayer, and immediately the lady with the cane said she had some serious health issues.  I inquired further about her health condition and found out that she had been diagnosed with quite a number of things from high blood pressure to blood clots and back problems and other things I couldn't remember.  I began telling her how Jesus healed the blind, lame, deaf and mute and that her problems were nothing for Him. I shared with her from John 14:12 and Mark 16 about how Jesus had given believers the commission to lay hands on the sick and we could do the same works and even greater works than He had.  I shared the testimony of the lady with the broken thumb, whom I prayed for last week, and told her God's power would work the same way for her.  Then, with her permission, I laid hands on her and commanded her body to be made whole.  After we prayed, I asked if there was any difference.  She looked at me, wide-eyed, and speechless.  I said, "Your back's warm, isn't it?"  She said, "Why, yes!  This is weird. I could hardly stand up in here shopping before, but I feel better now!"  I explained about the power of God working in her body to bring about a healing and a cure for her condition and then shared the gospel with her and her daughter.  The two of them prayed the prayer of salvation with me!  They were both so thankful that I had approached them because they needed what I had to offer.

And, if you're a believer, you have something to offer, too!  Get out there and give life to someone today.  Don't let another opportunity to minister healing or salvation to someone slip away.  Seize the moment and you won't have any regrets!

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