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-Nate . 2 months old-

Today my daughter Karis is one month old.

[Happy 1 Month Birthday, Karis!]

After Karis was born, people said she looked a lot like both Kristen and me. More recently I've been hearing a lot more people say she looks like me. She definitely has the shape of my eyes and my fingers and toes, I can say that much for sure. But as for what she'll look like as she gets older, God only knows. This is one of the great mysteries. All I know is that the first time I looked in her eyes, I felt as if I had known her all of my life. There's such a freaky familiarity about it all. It's almost like looking in a mirror that lets you see your past self. Being a father has totally changed my life in one of the best ways possible. I never knew a love like this could even exist.

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