Shockwave Challenge 2.0

I've been invigorated with a fresh passion for souls.  After all, isn't it what Christ is all about?  Wasn't his mission to seek and save the lost?  And if it was his mission, shouldn't it be my Christ-like mission as well?

A few weeks ago, I was inspired by a 17 year old in our church to make a faith project list.  Sure, I've done these in the past and applied my faith toward a certain goal, but it really got me thinking about a few things I've let slip in my personal life.  You know how it is.  You say you want to share the gospel with people and give life, but then life happens.  Distractions come.  Fear shows its ugly face.  Self-consciousness plays its little tune of doubt in your head.  Before long, you feel stuck.  The aforementioned foes pile up around you, gripping any idea of forward motion like quicksand.  Your only hope of freedom is grabbing onto a lifeline.  Remember when Peter began to sink after stepping out of the boat and walking on water?  What happened?  He reached up and held tight to the hand of His savior.

Christ has stretched out his hand to us, beckoning us, to partner with him in this mission of reaching the lost.  I'm taking his hand and have a few new goals for the next phase of Shockwave in my life.

1. I will personally pray with over 100 people to be saved this year.
2. I will finish and publish my book, Shockwave.

Like the initial Shockwave Challenge, I went public with it before I was even fully convinced that I could do it.  It was a public challenge that I, myself, had to accept.

Will you commit to taking the Shockwave Challenge?  Will you share the gospel with one person a day for the next seven days?

Challenge accepted!

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