.a culture of miracles

We've had an awesome beginning to 2010 here at Good News Church! Pastor Matt shared with us how God told him it would be a monumental year and we have really latched on to it. One of my volunteers gave me a book to read way before last summer. I promised I would, then stuck it in a drawer until it made its way to the very bottom. As part of this monumental year, I made a goal to read 30 books. When asking via facebook for some book suggestions, this volunteer brought up the book she had loaned me. So I read it. In a few short days, I devoured "They Told Me Their Stories" by Tommy Welchel. It sparked something in me that would set ablaze my entire philosophy of ministry.

God spoke to my heart and told me that we should create a culture of miracles here in our youth ministry. After all, what is youth ministry? Ministry to youth or youth DOING ministry? I prefer the latter. So, we're committed to having a culture of miracles here and we ARE having it! As a matter of fact, at every O2 service we've had this year, there have been miracles...instant healings, salvations and students filled with the Spirit. Last month, a student was healed of Crohn's disease, among others who were healed of all kinds of ailments.

The early church was built on a platform of miracles through sharing the gospel, so why shouldn't today's church be built that way as well?

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