.plumbing & jesus

Over the years I've had to do quite a few plumbing projects around my house...replacing faucets, diverter valves, and even the floaty ball thing that's in the back of your toilet. After getting my hands dirty and feeling the thrill of victory upon a job well done, I can still declare with authority that I am NOT a plumber. I merely dabble in plumbing when the need arises.

Here's a thought: Don't most Christians identify with Christ the way I identify with plumbing? Perhaps we dabble in the great commission of preaching the gospel with signs following. Maybe we offer to pray for a mere percentage of the folks who complain about physical symptoms of sickness or disease. On a rare occasion, we might share a kind word to someone in need of encouragement.

I don't call myself a plumber. I do call myself a Christian. In essence, I am Christ to my world. Jesus said this in John 14:12 "Whoever believes in me will do the works that I do...and even greater works!" Let's stop dabbling and start doing!

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