At Good News Church we have decided to have 4 weeks of Impact meetings along with Wild n Wacky Week for kids and daytime outreaches. To date, we have prayed with 2029 people to be saved. We've passed out countless bottles of water, encouraged many people who were already saved, and have seen hundreds of instant miracles in the services AND on the streets.

Our students have stepped up like never before and we are excited about partnering with God to reach our city with the gospel. I had the opportunity to pray with a woman who had lung cancer and had a lung removed surgically. Since the operation she had experienced severe pain in her back constantly. I told her family members who had requested prayer for her that they were about to witness a miracle before I laid hands on her and prayed. With mouths agape and eyes wide open, they were astonished when I prayed for her and the pain left immediately. Even the woman herself had a surprised look on her face. Ha!

Jesus said in Mark 16 that one of the signs that follow believers is that they would lay hands on the sick and they would recover...one translation (CEV) says they will also heal sick people by placing their hands on them. We've seen this scripture backed up by the power of God time and time again this week as we've acted on it with boldness and expectation.

Go, therefore, and do likewise!

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