.shockwave challenge - day 90

It's been 90 days of shockwave in my life! I've had the privilege of leading 72 people to Christ and praying with even more people about their lives, bodies and relationships with God. I've seen miracles and lives changed right in front of me. I've done a number of other challenges in my life (including a 90 day fitness challenge), but none have been more fulfilling than this. Praise God!

Today we went to Atlanta to hang out with my bro. After we had lunch together, my crew had to go to the store for a few things and I met a young guy who didn't know if he'd go to heaven when he died. After I shared the gospel with him and told him about Romans 10:9, he told me he'd already prayed that prayer. I assured him of his salvation and encouraged him that it wasn't about what he had done in his life, but receiving what Christ had already done for him.

Later we were at Centennial Park downtown and Karis met another little girl and began playing together. I talked with her parents and found out that the dad was a PK (preacher's kid) and had accepted Christ when he was young. We prayed together for his family and asked God to help them fulfill His plan for their lives.

Are you taking the challenge? Commit to taking time on purpose to share your faith each day. God will bring people across your path who need Him. Do your job and point the way to Christ!

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