.shockwave challenge - day 81

I had gone through the whole day without talking to anyone about the gospel. So after church, I planned to pick up some food and do it then. I had Karis with me tonight and most of the time she is pretty cooperative and even helpful. But she wasn't being either tonight. I was thankful to just get out of the restaurant with my food and sanity in tact. Thus, my shockwave mission was aborted for the moment.

The idea of failure to complete my challenge was looming and I thought of even giving up altogether. It's late. I'm tired. My back is hurting. All these thoughts started running through my head begging me to accept any of them as a valid excuse for throwing in the towel tonight. It would just be one day without doing the challenge, after all. But I know myself all too well. One day could turn into two and then a week and before long, I would revert back to the silence of my comfort zone. And I'm determined to not retreat! I've come too far to turn back now!

As a last ditch effort, I started going through the contacts on my phone in hopes that I would come across someone, anyone, whom I knew hadn't already accepted Christ. But to no avail. Then I remembered about a cousin that my mom wanted me to check in on. I got her number again and plugged it in my phone. It was still late so I decided to text her. I asked how she was and then dropped the million dollar question on her. As with any time you text someone, you don't always get an immediate response. That's the nature of the text message. So I wondered if she even received it. Was she asleep or did she just not care enough to answer? Does she even get text messages on her phone? While I wait for a response, my prayers go out for her...that if she hasn't received Christ, her eyes would be open to the truth and she would see the gospel with clarity and be drawn to the One who could change her life for GOOD!

With the ever-increasing avenues by which we can present the gospel, it's easier now to get the gospel to someone than ever before. We can utilize all sorts of methods and reach all types of people. Use whatever means you can to get the message of Christ's love to your world today. If an opportunity doesn't come your way, or you miss it like I did today, just create your own. Text somebody. Message them on Facebook. Post a gospel video on their wall. Send them an email. It doesn't matter what method you use, just share the good news!

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