.shockwave challenge - day 73

We went to lunch with YaYa and LaLa today before they left to go home.  After we scarfed down our food at Zaxby's, I handed one of the employees an invitation card and she immediately said, "Praise the Lord, I guess you know where to find the heathens."  She was making a joke and told me that she was a minister.  I told her that I use the invitation cards as a way to open the door to ask a more important question and I made sure that she had accepted Christ as her Savior.  You never know what someone means when they say, "I'm a minister." People have all kinds of definitions for various Christianese.  That's why we don't ask people if they are "saved," "born again," "Christian," or "go to church."  We ask them if they know for sure they will go to heaven and also clarify how they know if they tell us yes.  Any answer other than, "Jesus is my Lord," or something similar warrants further preaching of the good news and explanation of the truth of salvation.

We spent some time talking with her and listened a lot to what she had to say.  She believed there was a purpose for our meeting today and said she had a church, but would pass on the card to some of the people that she ministers to.  I handed her a few more cards and our "road to salvation" tract to share with others as well.  She was encouraged by our encounter and told us how thankful she was for our obedience to talk to her because she had been feeling alone on her new job, but knew God had a purpose and ministry for her there.  She was fueled up for her next customer or co-worker.

If you've never shared the gospel with someone, why not today?  My mom told me the other day that she shared the gospel with someone for the first time while she was here with Karis at the park on Sunday.  She was so excited!  I remember the feeling well because it never goes away.  I'm excited every time I act in obedience to the great commission.  If you're feeling some staleness in your relationship with God, perhaps it's because you've neglected the number one priority.  Step out and talk to someone about Christ for the first time or second time or one-hundredth time and allow God to breathe some new life into you as you give life to others!

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