.shockwave challenge - day 82

Yesterday I left you with a cliffhanger. After I texted my cousin, two hours passed before I received an acknowledgement that she had gotten my message. She responded by saying she didn't know for sure if she would go to heaven. I was half hoping she would say she knew for sure. I didn't quite know how to share the gospel via text so I texted her back asking if she could call me and I would explain to her how she could know for sure.

She said she was about to go to bed but could call today. We set up a time to talk and I called her on my way home. We took some time to catch up on life in general and then I shared the gospel with her. She told me she believed in Jesus and I got to lead her in the prayer of salvation! It was a great experience! I encouraged her to find a good church and continue to grow in her faith. I'm committed to staying connected via Facebook and help her get plugged in somewhere.

How about you? Do you have any family members you could reconnect with and share the gospel with them? Give them a buzz and make it happen! It's good to be family by blood, but even better when you become family in Christ!

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