.shockwave challenge - day 87

Kristen and I went to Target tonight to do a little shopping before a meeting we had. While we were in the toy section, we ran into a young woman with a one-year-old daughter. We approached her and invited her to church. She thanked us and then we started talking about her daughter a little bit. I then asked her if we could pray for her about anything. She said no, so I asked her the million dollar question. She said she didn't know whether she would go to heaven or not. I shared the gospel with her and prayed with her to be saved. Kristen talked with her further and before we walked away, I felt led to give her some money. I handed her a twenty and told her God loves her. I'm learning to be more and more obedient and sensitive to the Holy Spirit than ever before. I remember about a year ago I sensed God leading me to give a stranger in the grocery store some money to help with her groceries and I didn't do it. I hate that feeling of remorse you get after you don't do something you know you should. I'm ready for that emotion to be a thing of the past. With every obedient action, it fades away into the distance more and more.

Perhaps God has urged you to share the gospel with someone and you didn't. Don't let it happen again. Remember that feeling of remorse and act in a way to banish it forever. Start today!

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