.shockwave challenge - day 88

Today at church, we were having some plumbing repairs done and one of our volunteers was having a hard time finding the water supply shut off valve for the main water.  After looking around for a while myself and looking around where the water meter is outside, we couldn't find a way to turn it off.  So I called Augusta Utilities and they sent someone over to turn it off for us.  It turns out that our volunteer had actually put the grate from one water meter box on top of the shut-off valve hole, so we couldn't see it when we were looking around.  After I discovered this riveting knowledge from the crew member of AU, I thanked him, asked him his name and if I could pray for him.   He told me to pray for his family.  I told him we could do that and then I asked him the million dollar question.  He was certain of his salvation and attends church across town.  I prayed for his family and God's plan for their lives to be fulfilled.

In spite of feeling like a dimwit for not looking under the grate, I was glad I had the opportunity to minister to this gentleman and ask him the million dollar question.  When you begin to take advantage of the moments to share the gospel, it gets easier and easier to do so.  I recommend you start where you are and make it a point to share the gospel with at least one person a day.  Join the movement!

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