.shockwave challenge - day 92

Today my brother officially used shockwave as a verb. Shockwave - v. to share the gospel with an unsuspecting stranger. "I shockwaved the waiter yesterday!"

That's pretty cool! I'm definitely adding this to the book.

Karis and I went to WalMart after church today to pick up some eggs so YaYa could make brownies. While we were walking through the aisles I felt led to talk to a couple, but shrugged it off. I've been doing more of that than I care to admit, so I've been even more aware of it lately. So before we left, I went back through the aisles and looked for the couple I passed earlier. While waiting for the opportune moment to invite them to church, I decided just to interrupt them and hand them the card. We talked about the church for a little while and found out that they were in between churches right now. I asked them the million dollar question and the wife laughed and patted her husband and said, "I know he's going to heaven but I'm not sure. I think I've backslidden." I shared the story of the prodigal son with them and assured them of their salvation because they had both accepted Christ earlier in their lives. Even though the son turned his back on his father, it didn't affect his status as a son. But it did affect his view of their relationship and the intimacy they experienced.

They were encouraged by our conversation and told me they would come to church soon. Which reminds me that a couple I invited to church about 6 weeks ago came to church today and recommitted their lives to Christ during Pastor's invitation. It really is wonderful to be used by God to do a simple shockwave and watch Him work in their hearts and lives!

Go out and shockwave somebody today!

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