.shockwave challenge - day 80

We went to lunch with some of the gang from church at Buffalo Wild Wings today. After doing the Blazing Challenge, I was even more immensely aware of how hot hell could be. I completed the challenge in 3 and a half minutes with just a little sweat and tears. Those wings were hot though!

Before we left, Karis got one of the waitresses attention and she started talking to her. After a couple of minutes I handed Karis an invitation card and she invited the waitress to church. It turns out that she had visited our church once a few years ago. I asked her if she needed prayer and then asked her the million dollar question. She laughed when I did and told me someone from her doctor's office asked her the same question a couple of years ago and she prayed with her to be saved. I encouraged her to come to church soon and get plugged in.

It's so good to know that there are other people sharing the gospel consistently. If you aren't yet, what's stopping you? Get out there and spread the good news about Christ!

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