.shockwave challenge - day 24

After I left work today, I decided to stop by the park and hand out some invitations to church.  I approached a lady at the picnic tables and learned that she was already a believer. She asked me to pray for her family, so we caught hands right there and prayed together.  Afterward, I saw a group of 8 guys about to play basketball and I walked in and stopped them before their game to invite them to church and ask them the million dollar question.  One of the guys remembered being interviewed for a video we did for our Easter service this year about heaven and hell.  I found out later from Harry (one of the student interns that interviewed him) that he didn't want to receive Jesus that day, but he was so receptive today!!!  Seven of the guys prayed the prayer of salvation with me for the first time...and he was so pumped about praying that he placed his hand on my shoulder and grasped one of the other guys there as well.  You should have seen those guys after we said, "Amen!"  It was hilarious!  It was like they just won the NBA championship!  They were jumping and grabbing the rim and one of them said, "Did you see that?  I couldn't do that before!"  Ha!  Now, I'm not a proponent of "Jesus will make you run faster and jump higher," but something happened to that guy.

I was equally enthusiastic about their decision to accept Christ, so I immediately began looking around for anyone else to talk to!  There was no one around, but after I got in my car to leave, I saw a young lady walking toward the Community Center, so I rolled down my window and got her attention.  She wasn't sure that she'd go to heaven, so I led her to Jesus right there...true drive-by evangelism!

It took me about 15 minutes to make a short trip through the park and talk to people and as a result, 8 people were saved.  Could you give God a few minutes of your time to share the gospel with someone today?  There's nothing to lose!

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