.shockwave challenge - day 40

We had our AC go out last night so we called the company to send out a tech today. He assessed the situation and got us back up and running. Afterward, I asked him the million dollar question and he said he didn't go to church anywhere but he was a "die hard Christian" and reads his Bible everyday. I invited him to church and encouraged him to share with others.

Later, I went back to work and a roofer shows up to repair a leak we've had. After he was done, I asked him if he attended church and he told me where he went and that he was actually getting his doctorate in theology! We had quite the discussion about his thesis on Calvinism versus Arminianism - a much debated topic among denominations. I encouraged him that no matter what side of the fence he was on that it doesn't change the great commission. We have a responsibility to share the gospel with people wherever we go.

After I got home, YaYa wanted to take Karis to the park at the elementary school, so we went and played for a while. I saw a couple sitting on the bench so I approached them, invited them to church and asked them the million dollar question. They said they hoped so, but weren't sure. I shared the gospel with them and learned that they had already accepted Christ as their savior. I prayed with them further about her mom who needed healing for constant headaches and high blood pressure. I believe God will bring laborers across her path who are equipped to give life!

What about you? Who can you give life to today? We need all the harvest hands we can get out here in the fields!

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