.shockwave challenge - day 37

Karis and I went to Wal-Mart to pick up a birthday card for YaYa.  On our way in, we met a lady and invited her to church.  When I asked her the million dollar question, she said she knew she was going to heaven because she had already accepted Christ.  I asked her if I could pray for her about anything and she told me she needed a job.  We prayed together and I believe God will provide!  As we continued shopping, we met another family and invited them to church as well.  We asked them the million dollar question and they were already saved too.

Make it a point to share the gospel wherever you go!  Karis was excited about doing the "shockwave sandwich" with me...that's what she calls the shockwave challenge.  It's so important that we don't neglect our mission and teach our children to share the gospel as well.

I've been hearing great testimonies of people doing the shockwave challenge all over the place.  One kid in our church is 8 years old and he was so excited when he got to lead 2 of his classmates in the prayer of salvation one day.  Another young woman led one of her clients to Christ over the phone today!  She told me she felt like she was going to explode because she was so happy!  There's no greater feeling than giving life to someone!  Go give life today!

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  1. Mashell Moise9/29/11, 7:13 PM

    You are an amazing man of God and we're blessed to call y'all and all of GNC friends...no FAMILY! Without all of you would Izaak ever have prayed with his classmates? Would my client know for sure that she would spend eternity with Jesus? My guess is probably not... We'll keep spreading the good news, Nate!