.shockwave challenge - day 31

We had to take some books back to the Columbia County Library tonight and as we were on our way out, I shared the gospel with a lady. She said she hoped she would go to heaven. As I probed a little more, I discovered she had already accepted Christ as her Savior. It's amazing to me how many believers apparently don't believe Christ's sacrifice was enough. (That's another subject altogether!)

Later, we took Karis out to the park behind the library. I spotted a group of young people sitting at the ampitheater so I walked over and invited them to church. I asked them the question and one of them very enthusiastically said he knew he would go to heaven. It turned out that he was being sarcastic because his next statement was that Jesus would stand next to him and they'd both decide who would get to come in. Wow! The rest of the crew were equally as friendly as they told me, "no comment." After a few more minutes of enlightenment, I realized that they weren't ready to accept Christ so I excused myself from the conversation and told them to have a good night. As I walked away, I continued to pray for them and commanded satan to remove the blinders from their eyes.

Regardless of the outcome, we have a responsibility to share our faith and trust God with the results. So go ahead and share your faith with someone today. You can't lose!

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