.shockwave challenge - day 34

Karis and I went to the bank today. She loves the bank because they give you money and lollipops!

After we made our transaction, I saw the guy next to me and knew I should share the gospel with him. I walked outside and got Karis situated in the car and waited for him to come out. He came out and I pounced! I invited him to church and asked I I could pray for him. He declined and I asked him the million dollar question. He said he wasn't into church. I told him going to heaven had nothing to do with going to church as I shared the gospel with him. He said he believed in Jesus but was ultimately unwilling to let me lead him in a prayer to confess Jesus as Lord.

As I was pulling out of the bank, I saw a couple walking and so I drove past them and parked. I hopped out and invited them to church. They told me they were looking for a church to attend and they needed prayer. I found out that they were already believers and they asked me to pray about a job and transportation. I encouraged them and then we prayed together.

At times, you may feel discouraged because someone doesn't accept Christ, but don't let that stop you from sharing with the next person. You may never know who needs your encouragement and prayers of faith. You must be willing to share no matter how you feel at the moment. Take my challenge and share the gospel with someone today!

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