.shockwave challenge - day 30

We took Karis to the Kroc Center this evening and had a blast! While we were there, I met an older lady and began talking with her. After a few minutes of conversation, I kept wondering how I could fit in the million dollar question. Finally, I got the conversation to turn in the direction of church and I took my chance. I asked her if she knew she was going to heaven and she assured me she had already accepted Christ when she was younger.

I have found that it is so much faster and easier to simply approach someone with the intent of inviting them to church. But if you're in your swim trunks, a soggy invitation card won't do! You have to make it your priority to steer your conversations toward Christ.

Afterward, we ate some grub at Taco Bell and before we left, I invited a young man to church and asked him if he needed prayer. He said no, so I asked him the big money question. He said he didn't think anyone could know for sure. After I shared the gospel with him, he was ready to accept Christ and asked his girlfriend to get out of the car and pray with us! We stood there in the middle of the parking lot and they both called upon Jesus to be saved.

Who can you engage in conversation today with the express purpose of leading him or her to Christ? What about inviting someone to church, offering to pray for them and THEN asking the million dollar question? Pick the approach that fits your situation and go for it!
Karis loved the slide!!!!

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