.shockwave challenge - day 32

I hit up one of my favorite dining establishments for lunch today with two Jesus Freaks - Jason Netzler and Cullen Grady.  While talking about evangelism and the Holy Spirit, we were all fired up!  I had it on my heart for some time now to share the gospel with one of the employees there because every time I go in, he always serves me up right...but I had a feeling it wasn't because of his Christian character and attitude.  Every time I've been in before, the restaurant has always been so busy that I haven't gotten an opportunity to talk with him.  Well, we were there so long that I noticed they weren't very busy at the time.  I quietly prayed under my breath, "God, give me an opportunity to share the gospel with him today!"  And no sooner had I said the prayer than it was answered.  The guy came out from the back into the dining room and gave me the "pez" - the "what's up" head nod.  I jumped out of my seat and walked over to him thanking him for the excellent service and deliciousness he had once again whipped up for me.  I then asked how long he'd been working there.  He said he'd been there for a couple of years.  I told him I saw him in there all the time and he laughed and said, "Yeah, you come here a lot!"  We both laughed.

I then told him that there's been something I've been wanting to ask him for a long time, but never had the chance.  I asked him the million dollar question and he said he would probably go to heaven.  Then I asked him why.  He said he was a good person and that he believed in God.  I shared the gospel with him and then I told him that even the demons believe in God, but what gets you into heaven is believing in the resurrection of Jesus and confessing Him as Lord.  I asked him if he'd like to do that and he said, "Of course!!"  So we walked out behind the restaurant and I led him in the prayer of salvation.  After we prayed, I asked him if he meant it from his heart. He said yes and that he was feeling good!  He pulled his hand out of his pocket and said, "my hand's not even burning anymore!"  He had burnt two of his fingers earlier and God healed him as soon as he said the prayer of salvation!!!!  Ha!  I explained more about salvation to him and how it included deliverance, healing, preservation and a whole slew of other benefits that are now available to him!  You should have seen the smile on his face.  He said, "That made my day!"  As I was telling the fellas about the conversation later, Cullen said, "You didn't just make his day.  You made his life!  You made his eternity!"

After we prayed, his boss came out and when he found out what we were doing, he jumped right in the conversation and shared a number of testimonies about God's provision in his own life. When I invited the employee to church, his boss said he has about 5 or 6 to choose from because of all the people that have been working on him and praying for him.  He said that he kept telling them he wanted to get his life right and be pure before he came to church.  This was another chance to share another facet of the true gospel that God isn't so much concerned with perfect people as He is about perfecting people through the sacrifice of Christ.  As we walked back in so he could get back to work, I told him that he was a new person now, that his spirit was made new and he won't be satisfied with the things that he used to do.

It's so amazing to be a part of God's mission and seeing Him do work in people's lives.  What an honor to take part in the great commission!

How about you?  Are you taking part in God's mission?  Are you giving Him something to work with as you open your mouth and present the good news to people?  If not, then start today.  It just might make someone's day, life or eternity!

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