.shockwave challenge - day 27

I went out today to meet a guy I was buying a wireless router from on craigslist. I knew there was a greater purpose for our encounter than just an exchange of goods, so I began praying before he showed up that God would give me the words to say and the boldness to say them! Even after almost 4 weeks of doing this challenge everyday, I still deal with fear! With my heart racing and my invitation card in hand, I posed the all important question to this gentleman about his eternal destination. He said that he wasn't sure there was a heaven. He told me that in his younger years he was a devout atheist, but now was more of an agnostic. After my brief conversations with a few agnostics, I knew I should share the truth of the gospel with him. So I did. He said he believed Jesus was the son of God but wasn't willing to say the prayer of salvation. I did ask if I could pray that God would reveal Himself to him. He agreed and so I prayed and believe that God will open his eyes to the truth.

Whether the seed was planted or watered, I know God will continue to work on his heart.

How about you? Could there be a "chance" encounter today that has a greater purpose? Remember, silence is selfish. Open your mouth and share the gospel with at least one person today.

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