.shockwave challenge - day 28

We were at the Arts in the Heart festival downtown and shortly after we walked in, a couple of guys were walking behind us playing ukulele and singing. After commenting on their music, I invited them to church and asked the million dollar question. Neither of them knew if they would go to heaven, so I share the gospel with them. After my presentation, I asked if they believed in God. This is when I learned that one of them was agnostic and the other was a Buddhist. I shared with them about how Jesus went about performing miracles and then shared a miracle story of my own. This got their attention and they were willing to let me pray for them that God would reveal Himself to them. Another seed was planted and watered and I believe God is good for His word.

A little while later, I met a guy at the children's area while waiting for Kristen and Karis to do the craft tour. We spent some time talking and after I invited him to church, he told me he and his family were talking about going back to church. I shared more about our church and then asked him the question. He assured me he was already a believer and then shared an incredible testimony of God's saving grace and power. He said he'd definitely be at church soon!

If you're out and about this weekend, be on the lookout for your chance to share the gospel with someone!

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  1. God's using you in a HUGE way bro! Keep the updates coming, brother!