.shockwave challenge - day 26

I called customer service at beachbody.com just a little while ago to check on an e-mail I had gotten from them about P90X.  While on the phone, I wanted to order some new resistance bands to beef up my workout some more, so my customer service rep, Frank, helped me do just that.  After he took care of my order, he asked if he could do anything else for me.  I knew the whole time I was talking to him that I was going to ask him the million dollar question and so I did!  He said he knew he wouldn't go to heaven because of the wrong things he's done.  I shared the gospel with him and asked if I could lead him in the prayer.  He said, "I would love that!"  As I started to lead him in the prayer he was suddenly aware that the call was being recorded and he could get in trouble with his job for saying it aloud.  I told him what to pray and he promised he would say it after we ended our call.  He thanked me for asking and told me that a few days ago someone had asked him a similar question and he'd given them the same answer.  He was under the impression that you must repent from every single one of your sins after you commit them in order to get into heaven and if you didn't repent before you died, then you wouldn't make it.  After hearing the true gospel, he was ready to confess Jesus as Lord!

Maybe you too could take advantage of a phone call today and share the gospel with the person on the other end.  It's a perfect way to do your shockwave challenge.  Let's be more aware of the opportunities that present themselves and seize them!  In Acts 3:12 (NLT), after Peter and John healed the lame man at the gate called Beautiful, a crowd gathered.  The verse says, "Peter saw his opportunity and addressed the crowd..."  Be on the lookout for opportunities and then do something with them!

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